Passenger jet pilot films ballistic missile near-miss fired from Chinese sub

A passenger plane was forced to turn immediately when an alleged Chinese ballistic missile launched from a submarine and narrowly missed hitting the jet.

Footage posted on Facebook by Allegiant pilot John Carter appears to show the pilot's view from the cockpit as a missile launching from the sea and flying through the clouds, leaving a long contrail in the sky.

The pilots can be heard chatting while observing the missile soaring.

John said the video was sent by his friend who claimed to be working on a foreign airline and they were flying over Sanya in the South China Sea.

He wrote: "They were issued a last-minute hectic call from Air Traffic Control — 'turn left 90 degrees immediately'.

"To their bewilderment, they spotted a sea-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) emerging from the sea below their previously intended path!"

John suspected it could be a People's Liberation Army Navy missile submarine launch with "very little regard" to commercial air traffic in the area.

He added that the pilots were on a Trans-oceanic Boeing 777 plane.

The video was also shared by submarine expert H.I. Sutton who said the footage "looks credible from cursory look".

It is understood that there were no Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) sent out to warn aircraft that a missile launch was scheduled, suggesting that the test may have been intended to be carried out in secret.

China's Hainan Maritime Safety Administration released a public notice on Thursday, May 19, announcing that military officials will carry a five-day military training exercises until Monday (May 23).

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They closed off an area of roughly 100 square kilometres to maritime traffic and prohibited all entry.

Viewers were stunned, with one saying: "Wow, total disregard for life!"

Another suggested: "Maybe launch a very small satellite for observing.. lately china comes with large new technology."

"That could've been a really bad situation!" a third added.

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