OnlyFans star who gave away lingerie pics now earns £5k a month from saucy snaps

Alaw Haf, a graduate of the University of Liverpool, left university not knowing which career path to pursue.

When the 24-year-old was faced with the prospect of redundancy, Alaw took her first steps towards a career move she never imagined – OnlyFans.

The controversial subscription-based platform is known for pornographic content, despite site bosses saying it is not intended to be used for erotic pictures.

But Alaw, who earns £5,000 every month on the site, is urging people to be more open-minded about her job, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Back in 2019, Alaw, like many university graduates, was unsure of which career path to pursue.

While studying at the University of Liverpool, she developed an interest in medical, criminal and human rights law, but struggled to see herself as a barrister.

Having worked in gyms and nightclubs, Alaw eventually settled on a job in retail, only to be threatened with the prospect of redundancy.

Alaw said: "I had many jobs; ranging from working in a gym to a nightclub but when I first started OnlyFans, I had graduated from university the year prior and I still wasn't sure what to do career-wise.

"When I first signed up, I knew I was being made redundant from my retail job in a couple of months time so I knew I wouldn't have backlash from work.

"I was also doing lingerie shoots and I really enjoyed doing them but I was mainly building a portfolio so it wasn't a source of income."

Alaw was uploading her lingerie pictures to Instagram for free, but her followers encouraged her to add a paywall.

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She said: "A couple of my followers asked why I wasn't uploading the images to OnlyFans and charging for people to see them.

"For a while, I shrugged it off because I didn't think people would pay to see them, but when I finally created one, to my surprise, people did."

On OnlyFans, Alaw's monthly subscribers receive exclusive content ranging from pictures to videos and private messages.

Alaw said: "I will post images or videos daily, mainly from photoshoots and behind the scenes. I also direct message my fans and do a mass picture message every Friday and Sunday."

"I am now glamour modelling which is more risqué than lingerie modelling but I have no plans on doing X-rated content.

"It is important to only work to the levels you are happy with."

She added: "The income fluctuates a lot and isn't guaranteed so you can often see it jumping up and down every month but I have learned that the more effort I put into it, the more money I get out of it."

While income fluctuates, Alaw also said the downside to her job was a flurry of cruel comments and messages.

She said: "I used to get upset that I would get so many negative comments about my appearance.

"I can now say that unfortunately, I’m used to it.

"My skin has grown thicker and I have learned to rise above it all but I strongly believe more needs to be done to police trolling."

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