‘Only going to get worse!’ Former British officer in dire warning as airport route closed

Former British officer in dire warning as Taliban close Kabul airport road

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Former British Army officer Charlie Herbert has warned the crisis in Afghanistan is only “going to get worse” after the Taliban closed the road to Kabul airport to Afghan nationals. He expressed concerns that the situation at Kabul airport could worsen considerably when Afghans looking to flee realize the gates are closing and time is running out. Mr Herbert told TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer there needed to be “one last push” from Western countries to evacuate as many vulnerable people as possible.

Mr Herbert told TalkRADIO: “You have seen those scenes outside the airport.

“It sort of 24 to 48 hours to get to the gate.

“We all know that gate is not going to be open indefinitely and we are trying to get [the translators] through the grounds and in.

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He continued: “And as your rightly say Julia this is only going to get worse over the next few days.

“The moment that those desperate Afghans realize that the gates are closing and the evacuation is ceasing then I’m really worried about what the situation is.

“It has been a herculean effort.

“But we have just got to make one last push.”

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It comes after a former paratrooper warned that the Taliban have already begun to seek revenge on translators and other Afghans who aided the 20-year-long NATO occupation.

Andrew Fox called up LBC last Friday to warn that the Taliban are “firmly threatening people” and that “executions have begun” in certain regions of Afghanistan.

The former soldier called for the UK Government to make evacuation easier for those Afghans looking to escape to the West.

Major Fox told LBC: “The Taliban are firmly threatening people.


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“Executions are beginning in Kandahar province down in the south,” he added.

“I know for a fact that some interpreters were intercepted the other day and they are now in an escape and evasion mission in Kabul trying to get to the airport.

“People have had phone calls to their houses saying when the Americans are gone we are coming for you.”

“So whilst Kabul might be fairly peaceful at the moment other cities in Afghanistan certainly aren’t and I suspect as soon as we are off the ground things might change quite rapidly.”

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