One in five Brits would become an adult film star if it paid well, study finds

One in five Brits would happily consider being a porn star – if the cash was decent.

A startling poll by Savanta ComRes found that 19% would consider filming sex if the money was right and they remained safe.

The number rose to one in three aged 18-34 but was lower for older Brits, with fewer than one in 10 for the over-55s.

And twice as many men as women were up for it, being keen or quite keen to get involved.

Charity Naked Truth, which helps users damaged by porn, commissioned the survey of 2,087 adults.

Boss Ian Henderson said: “Porn has a detrimental impact on the relationships, mental health, and self-worth of viewers and those in the industry.

“It should be a concern so many are open to a career in porn.”

Joshua Broome, former pron star turned church leader, will issue warnings of the perils of the career at a Naked Truth seminar next week.

The ex-adult firm actor earned £1million but admitted: "I felt empty, used up, worthless."

It comes after Nicole Emma, a former sex worker, shared what filming porn was like for her.

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Before she was given the role, she even had to send in a homemade film she created with her boyfriend.

“We were like pfftt we’ve got that handled!” she joked. “We had already been somewhat adept at taking nudes and trying to take sexy videos.”

She revealed that on some scenes she would have to wait 12 hours before shooting, arriving at 8am on the day but not filming until 8pm that night.

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There were also times when biology seemed to throw a spanner in the works.

She said: “So you get to the actual scene and nothing works, y’know? Even as good as you think you can be and how many times you’ve been on a stage or in front of people… it’s very medical.”

Nicole added that she'd 'lose' her 'mojo' with the intense lights and glare, while speaking on the Unfiltered podcast.

Host Holly Randall, confirmed the sex scenes of porn movies were rarely the priority.

She explained: “For the show it was less about the sex and more about the preamble, the behind-the-scenes, the getting prepared for it, the dialogue.

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