North Korea map creator details where Kim Jong-Un hides his ballistic missiles

The developer of a map charting North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un's assets and whereabouts has pinpointed the location of his missiles and palaces.

Expert Jacob Bogle has spent just shy of a decade charting and creating an exhaustive map of North Korea in the hopes of pinpointing key locations in the rogue state.

A total of 64,400 locations were named and verified on the detailed map of what could be the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea (DPRK).

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Such a map has since identified the locations of very private, high-security areas useful to North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un including ballistic missile bases and palaces.

Speaking to Vice on the creation of his map, Jacob said: "I've created the most comprehensive map of North Korea available to the general public.

"A lot of this information they would not like to be out in public. I've centralised into it one place where you can learn anything: the ballistic missile bases, where all the tunnels are, where the palaces are.

"I have a personal library of about 30,000 pages worth of material on every topic imaginable related to North Korea.

"This has nuclear sites, underground, archaeological sites. I think we do a disservice when we hide things behind walls."

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Aerial images appear to have pinpointed the location of a nuclear waste dump in Pyongsan, with a uranium mill believed to be sending out nuclear waste into the ocean.

Domestic developments in North Korea such as these are often picked up through satellite imagery, due to the secretive nature of the dictatorship.

A cluster of mansions were spotted earlier this year, with pictures of boats and mansions reported by Daily Star as a location for the despot's closest cronies.

New developments of satellite imagery show Sinpo South Shipyard in North Korean buzzing with movement, with a report indicating "the presence of six vessels and barges in this area" which has "not been observed before".

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