Nord Stream 2 pipeline that supplies gas from Russia collapses after ‘attack’

A leak of a gas pipeline was reportedly as a result of sabotage, the German economic ministry has stated.

Nord Stream 2, connects Russia to the rest of Europe, as German officials believe an attack was placed on the pipeline.

The decrease in pressure of the pipeline was due to the leak, however the supply will not be affected by the leak as there was no gas being sent through the pipeline, the Daily Mirror reports.

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The pipeline has been at the centre of an ongoing energy war between Russia and the rest of Europe as the former's invasion of Ukraine in February earlier this year sent gas prices to astronomical prices.

The energy conflict included Russia cutting off gas supplies to numerous countries and blamed sanctions placed on them by the West.

Working in tandem with the Danish authorities, the German government are to investigate what exactly caused the nosedive of pressure of the pipeline.

On Monday evening (September 26), the operator of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline mentioned that there was a pressure drop on both lines of the gas pipeline.

On its website, Nord Stream AG said: "The reasons are being investigated".

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The German network regulator president, Klaus Mueller, took to Twitter to say that the pressure drop in both pipelines "underscores the German network regulator's assessment that the situation is tense."

Mueller was unaware of the cause of the pressure drop but did attempt to restore calm by stating that the incident had no negative impact on Germany, whose gas storage levels stand at 91%.

The pipeline was initially intended to double the volume of gas flowing from St. Petersburg under the Baltic Sea through to Germany.


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