Mum slams ‘selfish’ sister for hiding positive covid test to go to panto

A mum has hit out at her sister-in-law who hid her positive lateral flow test result from them so that she could take the kids to a Christmas panto.

The furious mum claims that the sister-in-law only told them about her positive test result after they returned home.

The woman had gone to the event and potentially exposed the children to coronavirus because she didn’t want ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out).

It comes after coronavirus cases reach record highs, with the Omicron variant in 90% of cases in England.

While there has been some speculation about the effectiveness of lateral flow tests, some people claim to have recorded a negative LFT but later recorded a positive PCR test.

However, anyone who does record a positive LFT is meant to self isolate at home until they receive their PCR results, as reported by the MEN.

Something this daily member failed to do. Instead of waiting for her PCR result, she took the kids because she didn’t want to let her son down.

The family dispute, posted to Mumsnet has since gone viral, and readers are outraged.

The woman, writing under the pseudonym of anotherannoyngSIL, asked members 'in what universe it was fine for her sister-in-law to do that?'

She also claims her husband thinks her reaction is unreasonable, due to the rules being 'unclear', and argues his sister's PCR could show negative.

The mum wrote on Thursday: "Today I thought we’d made a positive turn as she [sister-in-law] has taken my older son and hers to the pantomime as I’ve got a broken leg.

"Unfortunately she’s just texted me to say 'BTW I’ve had a positive lateral and waiting on my PCR but decided to take the boys anyway as xxx (her son) was looking forward to it, I’m sure that’s fine.'

"In which universe is that fine?? She’s risking not just my son, but the others she’s gone with and the whole audience!!

"She is very jealous if people do social things without her but surely there comes a time when sense is more important than FOMO?? I’m assuming she waited till she was there to tell me so I couldn’t do anything."

She added: "Husband says I’m being unreasonable for being annoyed as the rules aren’t clear cut and she hasn’t had the PCR test back."

The woman then asked followers if she was being unreasonable to think her sister-in-law is irresponsible and selfish.

User Northernsoullover responded: "Bloody hell. I despair," while Aroundtheworldin80moves wrote: "Can't believe people still don't understand basics like this. Yes is disappointing. But it's life right now".

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Youngatheart00 said: "That’s grossly irresponsible of her – there could be vulnerable people in that theatre which she is directly putting at risk."

However, others on the channel said the behaviour is expected.

User Mamamia7962 argued it is part of the risk when going to a public event, saying: "Of course, this is unreasonable of her but she won't be the only one who is doing this.

"Unfortunately this is the risk you take when you go to a public event. If you are acting responsibly then you hope everyone else is too, but unfortunately, that isn't the case."

Marianne1234 wrote: "If it’s as rife as the headlines are screaming about then what’s even the point?"

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