Mum says house ‘absolutely covered’ in mould is threatening her kids’ health

A worried mum's rented home is "absolutely covered in damp and mould", as seen in grim footage of the fungus growing on her walls and furniture.

Erin, whose name was changed to protect her identity, is fearful of how the spores are affecting the health of her young family – a five-year-old son and baby daughter.

The mum, who lives in Hull, East Yorkshire, raised concerns about the damp and mould to her landlords in January last year.

She claims her landlord Preston Road Women's Centre, operating as Winner Trading Ltd, has done absolutely nothing to combat the issue.

Hull City Council's environmental health team visited the property and stated enforcement action could be taken by the council if certain repairs were not made.

Erin's partner, Chris, whose name has also been changed, does not live at the property but contacted Hull Live on her behalf.

He told the paper: "The house is absolutely covered in damp and mould, that's the worst thing about it.

"It's in the bathroom, both bedrooms and the living room. Every single wall in the front, living room has it.

"It's damaged furniture and even damaged a TV unit. My partner messages quite often and gets blanked."

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Chris claims that no repairs had been made by the landlords to address the problem and said: "What they told us to do was to wipe it down.

"But we have done that once and it just comes straight back."

He said Erin has recently applied for council accommodation, partly due to the damp and mould at her current house, and to be able to move into a property with him.

Chris added: "I've also been in contact with environmental health from Hull City Council.

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"They've visited twice already and are set to visit again this month.

Chris said that environmental health last visited in November and made recommendations to the landlords, Winner Trading Ltd, to take action on the issues with the property.

"Hull City Council have put loads of repairs down, for them to do, but nothing's been done," he claimed.

A Hull City Council spokeswoman confirmed members of environmental health had visited the property.

She said: "The council inspected the property in July and identified a schedule of work required by the landlord, Winner Trading Ltd, to improve the accommodation.

"A further visit recently showed that improvements were underway but a number of the scheduled items identified in the previous visit remained unaddressed, therefore a further visit has been arranged for later this month.

"If the work hasn’t been completed, the council will take appropriate formal enforcement action under the Housing Act 2004."

Daily Star has contacted Preston Road Women's Centre for comment but could not find a telephone number, email address, or website for Winner Trading Ltd.

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