Mum ‘attacked by 100 rats’ in horror night time ambush during walk in park

A mother has claimed she was attacked by more than 100 rats in a West London park during the night.

The traumatised 43-year-old says she was walking through Blondin Park, in Ealing, at around 9pm when she saw what looked like a "sea moving through the grass".

Susan Treftub, mother-of-one, claims a mass of rats jumped and climbed all over her.

The mum-of-one told MyLondon : "I have never seen that many animals let alone rats. It was disgusting.

"I can't be sure but I thought there were easily over 100. I felt like I was going to be sick."

Luckily Susan says she only suffered bites and bruises to her legs and arm but came out of the ordeal mostly unscathed.

Susan says she regularly visits the park and has never seen a rat before, let alone a mischief.

“I would actually be worried if I had a child and could easily see someone becoming overwhelmed by it all," Susan continued.

"If it was a child there were so many that they actually could have caused some damage.

“The worst thing was I just felt helpless. Who do I call or notify? I can hardly call the police and tell them but it’s dangerous and pest control needs to go out there and sort it out.

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“I have never experienced or heard of anyone having this problem. I felt for a while afterwards that I was in a prank show or something. It just seems so ridiculous.

"I’m not scared to go back to the park but a bit tense is the way I would describe it.”

An Ealing Council spokesperson said: “Encounters with rats and other potential pest species are clearly unpleasant for anyone involved.

“We can all help reduce the chances of encountering rats in local parks by taking home all litter and keeping our green spaces clear of rubbish and food.

"In the warmer months, the council increases its bin collections in the borough’s parks to tackle increased levels of rubbish.

“It is also important not to feed animals such as pigeons, ducks and squirrels, as this food left out can also attract rats in search of an easy meal.

“Anyone with concerns about the build-up of pest species in parks can email to log the issue, where it will be investigated by pest control.”

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