Moment Uber driver ‘feared for his life’ after passenger ‘bit and strangled him’

A woman has been arrested for allegedly biting and trying to choke an Uber driver in an apparent unprovoked attack.

Driver Michael Hassey Jr suffered bite wounds and scratches to his neck when Michele Stilwell allegedly strangled him from behind during a ride in Florida, US, on Saturday night (April 17).

He was left with a bloodied bite mark on the back of his neck after the incident.

Footage shared by NBC News shows the 55-year-old appearing to grab Michael by the neck and choking him as he cries for help, repeatedly saying: "I can't breathe. I'm just your Uber driver."

When he managed to pull over, Stilwell allegedly crawled over to the driver's seat and sank her teeth into Michael's neck.

She was said to "continue to bite, strangle and claw" at him until passers-by stepped in and pulled him out of the vehicle.

Michael claimed to local media the passenger was asleep for most of the journey and when she woke up, she began to attack him.

The 22-year-old alleged Stilwell kept yelling "my daughter, my daughter" before hitting his head.

He added: "She started screaming curse words at me and slapped me in the face.

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"She sinks into my neck like a pit bull, shaking her head and stuff.

"I've never been that scared in my whole entire life, I thought I was going to die."

Stilwell was arrested by police at around 9pm and was later charged with aggravated battery for the assault in the city of St. Petersburg.

Police officers believed Stilwell was intoxicated, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

She was also charged with tampering with a witness and was released on a combined $15,000 (£10,785) bond for the two charges at 2:30am on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for Uber told Daily Star: "What's been described is disturbing.

"Violence of any kind is not tolerated on the Uber app, and we immediately removed the rider's access as soon as this was reported to us."

She added that the incident is a "clear violation of our community guidelines" and that the company will work with law enforcement to help with their investigation.

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