Mia Khalifa turns into ‘hot Hulk’ in stunning green Instagram display

Mia Khalifa might not be in the business of X-rated entertainment anymore, but her most recent Instagram post is a strong showing for her incredible beauty.

The 28-year-old Beirut-born influencer captioned the multi-pic post "They made me look like a hot Hulk", followed by three emojis including a green dinosaur.

Tagged were Khalifa's stylist, hair and makeup assistant and the fashion designers responsible for her emerald green get-up.

The stunning model has recently posted a series of alerts about the conflict in Gaza, with some of the more graphic videos removed by Instagram.

In a post ten days ago, she shared a quote by supermodel Bella Hadid with the caption: "Maybe if I just post Bella Instagram will keep this one up."

Khalifa shot to fame in 2014 after participating in a controversial porn video wearing a hijab.

Within two months, she was Pornhub's most viewed performer and has been credited with changing attitudes to porn throughout the Middle East despite her adult film career lasting only a few months.

She now says her foray into porn has had serious negative consequences for her mental health.

"I started disassociating and just compartmentalising and pretending like things never happened to the point where I didn't talk about porn for the first like three years after, I just went quiet and never spoke about it," she admitted during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast in March.

"Overtime I did an interview that was the one thing they were not allowed to ask me about, I refused to acknowledge that I did it and it wasn't until therapy that I realised how detrimental that is. "

She now runs a YouTube channel, streams on Twitch and sells exclusive content via Patreon and OnlyFans.

She married Swedish chef Robert Sandberg in August 2020 after a postponement caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which cancelled thousands of weddings around the world.

Khalifa is a major West Ham fan and again went viral in 2019 after laying into Matteo Guendouzi after the Arsenal player dived.

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