Mia Khalifa sets pulses racing with raunchy cocktail pics on holiday

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Former PornHub star Mia Khalifa heating up things was on her Instagram with a sun-soaked selfie in a revealing bikini top.

The 28-year-old posted some bikini selfies to her 25 million followers on the social media platform.

Mia was leaving the pulses of many of her fans racing as she wore a tiny triangle string bikini top in a series of posts as she enjoys the sun.

The photos gained over 3m likes as her followers showed Mia some love, describing the star as "beautiful".

Mia captioned the post: "One michelada, two michelada, three michelada, floor."

The OnlyFans star was enjoying some cocktails as she soaked up the sun with the Mexican drink seemingly being a favourite of hers.

The michelada is traditionally made with beer, lime juice, assorted sauces, spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers.

Her post also contained a video of Mia struggling to get her sunglasses on after a couple of cocktails, which was met with a number of crying laughing emojis from fans.

Mia recently celebrated a year of being on OnlyFans with another bikini self racking up over 2m likes.

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Earlier this year, Mia spoke out about having to block people after coming out as a single.

Mia responded to a person on Twitter asking: "How many DM's do you think @miakhalifa received when she was single."

She replied: "My block button has never been exercised more. Zero faith in humanity remains."

Last month, Mega Pleasure ranked Mia "the most desired porn star of all time".

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A spokeswoman said: "Mia Khalifa is the number one most desired porn star on PornHub with a huge 24,600,000 Instagram followers.

"She has a total of 285 videos uploaded on PornHub totalling a whopping 974,000,000 views, resulting in each of her videos having on average 3,417,543 views!"

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