Mexican drug cartel attacks families using ‘explosives strapped to drones’

A deadly Mexican drug cartel has launched an attack on family homes, using explosives strapped onto drones to cause mayhem.

Members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) carried out the assault in the Villa Victoria area of Chinicuila, Michoacán, which started on Tuesday evening.

In harrowing footage of the attacks, cartel gunmen and armed security personnel from Mexico's National Guard can be seen clashing in residential streets as explosives are detonated.

Witnesses have said that several families managed to flee their homes as soon as they heard gunfire in the neighbourhood.

Other families were forced to hide in bathrooms and basements, with some having suffered through 24 hours of violence and gunmen opening fire on houses.

The National Guard were deployed in the early hours of Wednesday, and eventually managed to repel the CJNG.

However, armed security forces remain on high alert in the region and fear that the traffickers may soon launch a second major offensive.

The battalion of troops that remains in the neighbourhood have been subjected to constant attacks and small-scale skirmishes from the drug cartel.

It is not yet clear whether anyone has been killed in the attack.

The CJNG is considered the second most powerful drug trafficking organisation in Mexico, topped only by El Chapo's infamous Sinaloa Cartel.

Headed by Nemesio 'El Mencho' Oseguera Cervantes, the group formed in the early 2000s after the breakup of the Milenio Cartel and a bloody turf war.

In 2017 the CJNG decided to end its alliance with the Sinaloans, and the two cartels have been openly at war with each other ever since.

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Despite being the smaller organisation, the Mexican government recognises the CJNG as a more dangerous threat than the Sinaloa Cartel.

In 2020 a former Mexican security commissioner called the group "the most urgent threat to Mexico's national security".

Estimated to have up to 20,000 members, they are known for using extreme levels of violence to achieve their goals, even in comparison to other cartels in Mexico.

The CJNG is particularly notorious for cannibalism, using it when training young boys to become assassins, or sicarios.

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