Melting glaciers reveal undiscovered island near Antarctica

A new island has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica thanks to melting glaciers.

Until now, the granite island had been completely covered in ice. It now sits above sea level and was spotted by scientists from the Thwaites Glacier Offshore Research Project.

The four researchers — Julia Smith Wellner, Sarah Slack, Jim Marschalek and Peter Neff — were sailing near Pine Island Glacier when they saw the island on Feb. 26.

Though it only measures 250 metres long, it deserved a name all the same: Sif Island.

Wellner shared a few photos of the new discovery on her Twitter account.

“After being the first visitors, we can now confirm that Sif Island is made of granite and that it is covered by remnant ice shelf, and a few seals,” she tweeted.

The island is still mostly covered in ice.

Slack wrote a blog post for PolarTREC on Sif Island.

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