Melania Trump confession: Donald Trump claimed to be ‘good husband now’ in surprise claim

Melania Trump is a ‘tough cookie’ says Piers Morgan

Since Joe Biden’s victory and being sworn in as US President this month, many have questioned what is next for Mr Trump. Many questions have been raised about whether the former US leader will return to real estate, or go in a different direction. Melania and Mr Trump met at a party more than two decades ago and have one son together, Barron, 14. However sources close to the Trumps paint contrasting pictures about their married life.

R Couri Hay, a publicist and acquaintance of the couple, detailed how Melania’s “difficult life” growing up in “pseudo-communist” Slovenia led her to crave “stability, romantic stability and financial stability”.

He added: “Through it all the one thing still standing is that marriage.”

The Trumps celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary last Friday but a former friend claimed there would be no overblown romantic gestures.

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The unnamed source told The Times: “They don’t believe in the lovey-dovey-type stuff. Not at all.”

While there is growing speculation about the couple, the Trumps have regularly discussed their relationship in the past.

The former President gave some insight to TV host Piers Morgan – who won the US version of The Apprentice in 2008, which was hosted by Mr Trump.

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Mr Morgan asked: “Are you a good husband?”

Mr Trump replied: “I think I’m a great father.”

When Mr Morgan clarified “that wasn’t the question”, Mr Trump laughed. 

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He said: “I answered a much easier question!

“I think I’m a good husband now, it’s not easy for someone competing with my business.”

But Mr Morgan didn’t seem satisfied with the answers, which were published by GQ in 2008.

He asked Mr Trump which he loved more, his wives or his business.

Mr Trump said that John Paul Getty, who was named as the world’s richest citizen in 1996, was asked “a version of that question”.

He cited that Mr Getty was asked to choose to be “John Paul Getty, the great financial genius” or “have a great marriage”.

Mr Trump recalled: “And he said he would rather be John Paul Getty because many people have great marriages, but there is only one John Paul Getty.”

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Mr Trump said that he “agreed with that” but believed “maybe you can have both”. 

During the interview, he also claimed he could “go five years without sex” for $10billion (£7.3billion).

Mr Trump said: “For $10billion, sure. You can do a lot of things with $10billion. 

“You double up my net worth just by not having sex, sure. That’s pretty good. I could do that.”

The remark came after the then-business tycoon professed to “love women” but rejected the claim that he was a “woman-holic”.

Mr Trump said: “Well, I love women, that’s for sure. But I have a great wife, Melania, who is a spectacular mother and we have a great relationship. 

“But I do love women, definitely – I respect them, I think they’re magnificent and I don’t just mean their physical beauty.”

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