Meghan’s subtle expressions at wedding showed her emotions changing, expert says

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Subtle changes in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s facial expressions exposed their true feelings on their wedding day, a body language expert has claimed.

Meghan married Harry in spectacular fashion in May 2018 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The event, which welcomed Meghan as an official royal, was packed with celebrity guests and members of the Royal Family.

But the Sussexes time together as working royals was short-lived as they officially stepped down from their duties in March 2020 and moved across the Atlantic to the US.

Now, speaking on his YouTube channel, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas has looked back on footage of the couple’s wedding and suggested that their true feelings were exposed in subtle changes of expression.

The body language expert picked out two key moments at the beginning and at the end of Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon.

“Harry’s expression at the start of Bishop Curry’s sermon is a very soft and serene smile,” he suggested.

“It’s not hard to feel at that moment that Harry is serene, and even happy.”

But, turning to Harry’s bride, the expert claimed that Meghan did not appear quite so comfortable in the lavish surroundings.

“Her eyes are pretty much emotionless. There’s almost no smile contraction in them… Any genuine smile is going to manifest in the whole face with both the mouth and the eyes working in a symmetrical way,” he continued.

“But her expression is focused in her mouth, and that is the only true feature we can spot.

“But it’s not like Meghan is an android; maybe she was anxious or nervous or upset about something, that’s absolutely possible at a wedding.

“So at this point Harry was serene and maybe even joyful, while Meghan was nervous and tense.”

By the end of Bishop Curry’s sermon, however, Jesus observed that both Harry and Meghan’s expressions had shifted.

Pointing out an image where the prince can be seen looking down and no longer smiling, Jesus noted: “Harry had already gone through a full transformation.

“I don’t think he was bored or upset by Bishop Curry’s sermon… But somehow Harry did not have the same posture like in the beginning. He had not only let his head fall forwards, but the smile had gone away from his face too.

Meanwhile Meghan, Jesus suggested, had a “face of being in control” towards the end of the sermon, as her anxious expression became a “smirk”.

Jesus also observed that Meghan’s hand had shifted on top of her husband's, and claimed this is an “expression of dominance and power”.

This comes as Harry and Meghan announced their annual festive card, just before Christmas Day, which contained the first photo of their daughter Lilibet, who was born in June.

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