Meghan’s dad Thomas calls Harry ‘candyass’ and says he’d ‘run if he took him on’

Meghan Markle's dad Thomas has spoken out again, this time blasting son-in-law Prince Harry as 'candyass' who would flee 'if they got into a fight'.

The 77-year-old has hit headlines saying the Duke of Sussex shouldn't have given up on his official royal duties.

While speaking from his home in Rosario, Mexico, he claimed the Prince had walked away from 'the Queen and the British people'.

Thomas told The Sun: “Harry walked away from his responsibilities and that’s ridiculous. He walked away from his grandmother, the royals, and the British people.

“He’s a candyass. I’d take him on at my age any time. He’d run away from me.”

Earlier this month, the 37-year-old prince said he wanted to work with "normal people" and "earn a wage" but was told he was "out of touch" when he remarked people should be celebrated for quitting jobs that don't bring them joy.

Mr Markle also hit out at his daughter again, the Duchess of Sussex, accusing her of fabricating details of her childhood.

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His swipes come after Meghan's campaign earlier this year where she wrote to US politicians calling for paid parental leave.

The Duchess said she "grew up on the $4.99 salad bar" at budger Sizzler family restaurants.

However, Mr Markle has responded to these comments and claims his family never struggled financially for food.

He added: “She’s never, ever, ever had to worry about anything like that in her life.”

He said they ate at the best restaurants and only visited Sizzler when it was convenient.

Mr Markle continued they never had to 'rub pennies together and only pick the salad bar'.

Even after hitting out at the royal couple, he admitted he still loves his daughter but doesn't like the person she has turned into.

Last week, the Court of Appeal upheld the ruling The Mail on Sunday breached Meghan Markle's privacy by publishing a letter she wrote to her dad back in 2018, before the royal wedding to Harry.

Mr Markle responded that he was upset by the ruling as it stops him from telling his side of the story.

He claims he is considering making a YouTube video to read the unpublished section of her letter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been approached for comment from the Daily Star.

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