Meghan ‘threatens patriarchal Britain’ whereas Kate is ‘safe’, expert claims

Meghan Markle threatens patriarchal Britain, whereas Kate is safe as she acts exactly how a royal female is meant to be, a commentator has claimed.

Speaking on the BBC’s ‘Princes and the Press’ documentary, columnist and broadcaster, Rachel Johnson, said that there are women journalists who think of the Duchess of Cambridge as perfect, as she is “our English rose”.

She added: "They have a perfect template of what they want a royal female to be: not political, doesn't open her mouth very much in public, who makes very short, scripted speeches on very safe subjects.

"Whereas Meghan Markle will talk about period poverty. She will talk about racism. She will talk about female empowerment.

"These are trigger subjects in this country, where the Royal Family, despite being led by the Queen for 70 odd years is still a very patriarchal, hierarchical country."

Fellow columnist, Judith Woods said that the Sussexes’ sense of – or lack thereof – was the reason why they left the UK for the US.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph she argued that Harry and Meghan did not understand the British media’s long-standing history of taking the mick.

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She wrote: "However near-to-the-knuckle, our knockabout waggery has been part and parcel of public life since Pope, Swift and Hogarth first drew gasps for their sheer audaciousness.

"But sometimes headlines really are simply just-a-bit-of-fun; like that snap of dazzling bride-to-be Meghan Markle’s megawatt smile accompanied by the joyous, jaunty ‘I’m getting Harryed in the Morning’ or Megxit to describe the couple’s departure from these shores."

The Daily Star has contacted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for comment.

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