Meghan Markle’s three words that were a ‘dig at the Queen’ commentator claims

Meghan Markle needed just three words to squeeze in a dig at the Queen in an interview, a royal columnist claims.

During her chat at the Dealbook event in New York this week, the Duchess of Sussex could not resist mentioning "my husband’s family".

The decision to throw the Royal Family into the conversation continues what columnist Daniela Elser claims to be a trend of Meghan and Harry referring to them at every given opportunity.

In this latest instance Meghan responded to a question about her campaigning for paid parental leave in America, by arguing it is not at odds with long-standing royal rules.

She said: "I don’t see this as a political issue, frankly. Look there’s certainly a precedent in my husband’s family, the royal family, of not having any involvement in politics but paid leave, from my standpoint, is just a humanitarian issue."

According to writer Daniela Elser, Meghan has yet again made a thing about opposing the palace when there was little call for it.

The columnist wrote: "The issue is the use of those three small words: "my husband’s family”. Why for the love of all of Meghan’s Lorraine Schwartz diamonds did she go there?"

Elser described the mention as an unnecessary "cheap route" in dragging the Queen and company "into the mix".

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What makes Meghan's choice of words particularly baffling is the fact she was speaking about something so obviously important and noble, Elser noted.

The writer continued: "The strength of her case is more than sound – so why did she feel the need to make a comment that had a suspicious whiff of a dig about it?

"If the Duke and Duchess respect the sovereign so much, why spend much of this year denouncing the family and institution she heads up? Why never seemingly miss an opportunity to take a potshot at the palace?

"For two people so keen to build a new, shiny life on the other side of the world and to distance themselves from the institution they have argued did them wrong, they do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about his family."

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Elser even compared their apparent obsession with dropping in slights against the royals, to someone still hung up about their ex and constantly talks about them.

She added: "What I also don’t understand here is why, when Harry and Meghan should be focusing on building their new brand and company and charity, they still seem so fixated on defining themselves in opposition to an organisation that should be firmly in their rearview mirror?"

Representatives for the Sussexes have been approached for comment.

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