Meghan fans joke critics are ‘jealous’ new book will outsell Kate Middleton’s

The announcement that Meghan Markle will publish a children's book in June has certainly set the cat among the pigeons.

The book titled 'The Bench' will focus on the special bond between a father and son through the eyes of the mother.

The book, published by Penguin Random House, is set to hit the shelves on June 8 and has proved so popular that it is already a best seller.

Following the announcement the Duchess of Sussex received a tirade of criticism, for what will be her first book as an author, from numerous commentators and experts on the Royal Family.

Piers Morgan branded Meghan a "shameless money grabber" and Andrew Neil told ITV's This Morning that after reading some extracts it "sounds pretty terrible".

Fans and followers of Meghan have leapt to her defence and come out fighting.

Many have pointed out that the Duchess of Cornwall Kate Middleton officially launches her first book 'Hold Still: A Portrait Of Our Nation In 2020' on May 7 with out much controversy.

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Meghan's fans have joked over social media that critics are just 'jealous' her new book will outsell Kate Middleton's.

One person Tweeted: "It’s because Kitty’s book is out on Friday, and we know who’s will be a global bestseller"

Fans are also hitting back at critics of Meghan by ordering multiple copies of the new children's books.

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One person, admitting they bought three copies, wrote: "I initially ordered two books (one for myself and one to donate, then I ordered a 3rd one for my niece (because she wanted her own copy)."

In further defence of the Duchess of Sussex admirers have pointed out that Meghan is not even the first person in the Royal Family to publish a children's book.

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In 1980 Prince Charles, the future King, published the The Legend of Lochnagar, a story about a man who lives by a cave on a Scottish loch who becomes embroiled in all sorts of adventures.

And the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, has been a prolific writer over two decades having huge success with her 'Budgie the Little Helicopter' series.

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