Meghan and Harry’s ‘paranoia’ led to ‘PR disaster’ over UK return, expert says

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sparked a “PR disaster” over a possible UK return because of their “paranoia” over potential leaks, a royal commentator has claimed.

Harry recently made the headlines when lawyers acting on his behalf released a statement alleging that the prince feels unsafe in his home country.

As a result, Harry threatened to sue over the Home Office decision to prevent him from personally paying for police protection, as his team suggested threats from extremists and neo-Nazis placed him in danger.

With no specific royal event scheduled in the near future, it had been uncertain when Harry had been intending to return.

But now, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested that the Duke of Sussex planned to make the trip overseas to conduct research for his memoir.

Neil claimed that Harry is keen to reconnect with people who had been close to his late mother Princess Diana to gather testimony for a “respectful” chapter of his book.

But, he suggested, the prince is unable to conduct these interviews online, because of fears about conversations being leaked, and therefore needs to return to the UK in person.

“One can only think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s paranoia at such a lengthy chat,” Neil claimed.

“Would that chat be recorded? Would it be leaked? Could it be secretly sort of downloaded? There’s so many reasons in the world of digital.

“And I have to say, I agree with Harry and Meghan on this particular point, that once you put a screen up, you have to be careful about where that may lead.

“According to that good source, that really was the bigger picture on the return.”

Harry’s book is expected to be released later this year, and the prince has said it will be a “firsthand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful”.

This has reportedly raised fears inside Buckingham Palace at what might be revealed, and royal fans have subsequently questioned Prince William for remaining silent over Harry’s protection fears.

So, Neil suggested that rather than raise the issue in public, fuelling speculation about Harry’s alleged falling out with the Royal Family, he could have researched for his book in private.

“But why couldn’t he simply say, I’m doing some research for my book, I’m going to go privately, and perhaps just turn up with a notepad or indeed his ghostwriter and sit down and do the hard graft,” he added.

“Why did it have to turn into such a spectacular PR disaster once again for the former ex-royals?”

Daily Star has contacted the Sussexes' representatives for comment.

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