Mass punch-up erupts outside nightclub as yobs exchange brutal blows and kicks

A Sheffield nightclub descended into chaos as two group of drinkers clashed and attacked each other in front of shocked onlookers.

The brawl broke out just outside Popworld nightclub at Carver street and the scenes were filmed and shared on a Facebook page, Sheffield Online, on August 1.

In the footage, the crowd are arguing on the pavement and one man in green jacket starts sending kicks to another drinker.

He then joins the rest of the revellers who are seen pushing a man towards the cars and repeatedly whacking another.

Some drivers step out of their cars in the stalled traffic when they hear the commotion on the street.

Locals commented on the video and condemned on the revellers' reckless behaviour after watching the clip on Instagram and Facebook.

One said: "Only 2nd weekend back of normality and people can't handle their booze.

"They want all these responsibilities and freedoms back and we get w***ers like this ruining it."

Another wrote: "This is why I barely go out as people seem to go out and want to cause trouble."

"Go out, have a drink and a good time with friends. Getting drunk and starting fights isn't a good night out," a third added.

The Daily Star has approached South Yorkshire Police for comment.

Last month, four machete-wielding thugs attacked each other in the street in a terrifying fight that left one person fighting for his life in the hospital in Greenwich, London.

Nearby residents dash to their balconies as the street argument escalates and a woman can be heard shouting: "It's not worth it, stop it. F***ing stop it, all of you."

Detectives from the South East Basic Command Unit are investigating in consultation with officers from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command.

DI Dave Ryan said: ""A man is now fighting for his life in hospital and we all need to work together to stop these acts of violence. I am asking anyone with information or phone footage to make contact."

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