Mass murderer Jeremy Bamber convinced he is about to be released from prison

Killer Jeremy Bamber is convinced his release from jail is “just around the next corner”.

The mass murderer spoke up after submitting the latest legal challenge against his conviction.

Bamber, 60, is serving a whole life sentence for the 1985 killings of his adoptive parents Nevill and June, both 61, his sister Sheila Caffell, 26, and her six-year-old twins Daniel and Nicholas.

He claims his legal team has identified eight issues which he hopes will prove his innocence and allow him to be released after over thirty years behind bars.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission will now decide whether the case should be referred to the Court of Appeal for a second time.

Bamber wrote from his cell: “I know we can be optimistic and filled with hope, that over the coming weeks we can finally look forward to receiving justice for both me and for my mum and dad.

“I have dreamt of my freedom every day since 29 September 1985, perhaps my freedom is just around the next corner.”

Bamber claims his adopted sister Sheila, who had schizophrenia, killed her family and then herself.

Detectives accepted this version of events until relatives found a silencer at the farm in Essex that was said to contain her blood.

Bamber’s ex-girlfriend also said he had discussed killing his family.

Bamber was granted an appeal in 2002 after the CCRC referred his case, but it was dismissed.

He is currently being held in HMP Wakefield in Yorkshire as a high security prisoner.

In 2020, new evidence that Bamber claimed could lead to his exoneration was dismissed by a woman who received hundreds of letters from him.

Bamber has claimed that new evidence proved that "someone was alive" whilst police waited for backup.

But author Carol Ann Lee asserted that "nothing" about the claims made her doubt that Bamber's is guilty and claims that the evidence he put forward is "absolutely not new."

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