Man wanted over assaults, theft of shoes in Auckland

Police in Auckland have issued a plea for information after two women were attacked by a man intent on stealing their shoes.

The case was publicised on Police Ten 7, with police expressing concern that the offender’s behaviour could escalate beyond the violent and bizarre attacks that were captured on video.

The attacks were both committed on the same day in June of this year and saw the suspect flee with one shoe from one of his victims.

The show’s host, Detective Sergeant Rob Lemoto, said that police needed the public’s help “before he strikes again”.

On Wednesday, June 2, at approximately 5.45pm a young woman was followed into her apartment building on Wakefield St in the central city.

A man can be on security cameras following her into the building after she swipes in.

He then rides in the same lift as the woman before following her when got to her floor.

Then the man tackled the young woman to the floor and removed one of her shoes.

Alerted by the woman’s screams, other residents rushed to her aid.

The suspect then attempted to flee but ran down the wrong hallway and was confronted by a resident before returning the shoe and leaving the building.

Just moments later there was a second attack on another woman on nearby Airedale St.

The man used the same technique, following his victim into her apartment building.

He was again captured on CCTV, even pausing to look directly at the camera before he attacked the woman and stole one shoe before making his escape.

“Everything we know about this guy is caught on camera,” police said.

Police said they were concerned that these women may not be the man’s only victims and appealed for others to come forward.

“This guy’s not afraid to do a lot of harm, all for a shoe,” Det Sgt Lemoto said.

“I’m concerned at how his behaviour could escalate if he’s not brought before the courts.”

We are sure someone out there will recognise this person, so if that's you call 0800 107 INFO and hit #5 to speak with somebody or you can message us here ➡️

Police ask anyone with information to call0800 107 INFO or visit the Police Ten 7 website.

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