Man found asleep in pile of stolen chicken and meth days after leaving jail

A man was discovered sleeping in a pile of stolen chicken strips, chips, sweets and meth just hours after being released from jail.

Matthew Williamson, 37, from Alabama, was found in the press box of a sports complex surrounded by the mixture of stolen goods, according to police.

The sleeping thief took his nap at Pleasant Grove’s Athletic Complex just days after leaving jail for another crime.

All of the stolen snacks were taken from the sports complex's store.

The criminal was first arrested for the first time on September 17 after breaking and entering a vehicle, New York Post reports.

He was also charged with stealing property, but was able to make bond and walked out of Jefferson County Jail, Pleasant Grove Police Department said on Facebook.

The statement said: “Less than two hours after leaving jail, Williamson stole a car in Hueytown and hid it in Pleasant Grove."

Just days later on September 22, the man stole a mountain of snacks after breaking into the complex's concession stand.

The tiresome work led to Williamson getting some sleepy time in the press box, which led him to getting caught with the stolen goods and meth the following morning, police said.

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Williamson was transported back to Jefferson County Jail on Friday after he admitted the burglaries and car theft, the day after he was awoken from his slumber.

In other sleepy burglar news, a dozy thief broke into a police officer’s house back in April and then, to make matters worse climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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Unsurprisingly the sleepy intruder has been arrested and has no doubt learned a valuable lesson about not napping on the job in future.

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The disastrous crime caper took place on March 22 in the Nam Rorn sub-district of Wichianburi in Petchabun province in northeastern Thailand. Police sergeant Sakda Jiamprasert woke in the night up at around 2am and heard the air-conditioner running in his daughter’s room.

Remembering that his daughter had gone away for a few days, the copper went outside and peeked into her bedroom window.

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