Man abducted age 4 finds mum 33 years later after drawing map from memory

A man has been reunited with his mother 33 years after he was abducted, after he drew a map from memory of his long-lost village in an astonishing turn of events.

Li Jingwei was just four when he was taken by a neighbour in the Yunnan province, south-west China, and trafficked some 1,000 miles away.

He was sold to a family who went on to raise him, but he said he never forgot about his harrowing abduction.

As he grew up he would often map out his village with a stick on the ground so he could remember it.

Last month Mr Li, 37, posted a drawing online he had sketched of the village, and begged the public to help him identify it and return home.

He had expected to wait years for news, but was shocked to get information almost immediately that led to the identification of his village and his mother after the cops also helped with his investigation.

A video of the mother and son meeting for the first time in over three decades was published by a Shanghai news site.

"I've finally found my little baby," his mother was quoted as saying.

Mr Li reportedly later shared a meal with his mother and other relatives, who showed them the map he had drawn of bamboo forests and paddy fields.

In the intervening years, Mr Li's mother had unknowingly moved to the same area in central China where her abducted son had been taken.

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Mr Li said he would return to Yunnan to pay homage to his father who had just passed away.

He said he had been inspired to post the map online by recent reunions of parents and children getting publicity.

Child abduction and trafficking has been a serious problem in China.

Previous limits on the number of children couples could have, as well traditional preferences for boys, have long fuelled a thriving market in babies and children.

It was not immediately clear whether the family who raised Mr Li would be prosecuted, or whether the identity of his abductor from 33 years ago was known.

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