Macron humiliated as French turn on leader over COP26 pledges: ‘Stop the deception!’

COP26: Emmanuel Macron meets Boris Johnson in Glasgow

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The French President said he wants “the biggest emitters to raise their ambitions in the next 15 days” to “make the 1.5°C targets credible.” He has urged several countries to “raise their ambitions” in order to avoid exceeding the +1.5°C warming.

It was an appeal to the United States, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia that Mr Macron launched during his speech.

“The key for the next 15 days, here in our COP, is that the biggest emitters whose national strategies are not in line with our 1.5-degree objective raise their ambitions in the next 15 days; this is the only way to make our strategy more credible,” the French president said, before specifying the countries he was referring to.

“The key question of this COP is how the United States is going to move, both for its 2030 commitments and for the financing” of the $100billion per year promised to help fight global warming, and “make up for the lost years” of the Trump presidency, Emmanuel Macron said later to journalists.

The other issue is “what China, Russia, India and some other major emitters are ready to do” to speed up their transition, he added, saying the European Union and France had already committed to doing their fair share.

“The key is that there should be a Sino-American dialogue on this subject and an ability to build an alliance on this issue,” which would make it possible to achieve a result.

The French President still considers it is possible to achieve the objective of a rise limited to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era by the end of the century.

Mr Macron’s speech hasn’t been received well by the public, and many have pointed out his hypocrisy.

Mathilde Pinot, who has presided over the La France Insoumise group (LFI) in the National Assembly since 2021 tweeted: “Macron preaching when France does not respect its own commitments. It rolls out the red carpet to Total, Amazon or Monsanto-Bayer; it signs free trade agreements at every turn; the state has been condemned for climate inaction; he refused to ban glyphosate; he represses climate activists; he torpedoed the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention. And we could go on. Stop the ecological deception!”

Another member of LFI, Adrien Quatennens, shares Mathilde’s opinion.

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He reacted on Twitter writing: “The head of a state that has been condemned in court for climate inaction and that does not respect its own commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions believes he is in a position to give lessons!”

Manon Aubry, also an LFI member tweeted: “Says the man who is at the head of a state among the largest emitters and condemned by the courts for climate inaction…”

She also added: “Summary of the world leaders’ policy against global warming. They are betting on luck while we demand a change of model.

[World leaders toss a coin at Trevi for good luck fighting the climate emergency].”

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