Lucky gambler wins whopping £2.2 million from slot machine in New Year’s miracle

A slot machine player in northern France is enjoying an incredible start to the New Year after scooping a whopping jackpot over over £2 million.

The lucky winner who scooped the €2.6 million “Megapot” worth some £2.2 million has – quite sensibly – ticked the “no publicity” box and their name has not been revealed.

What we do know is that the gambler is a man in his thirties from Aisne. He has been described by the owner of at the Saint-Amand-les-Eaux casino as an “occasional player’.

The incredible multi-million pound win resulted from a stake of two Euros – around £1.67.

The jackpot is linked to activity on “165 slot machines that are connected to each other at 38 casinos, which accumulate the bets simultaneously,” a release from the casino operators explained. “Each one increases by a common amount (each time it is played but not won) and, if a maximum combination is reached, it allows the player to win the jackpot”.

The casino announced the jackpot result on its official Facebook page, saying: “It's madness! The #Megapot fell this evening at Pasino de Saint-Amand on machine 297!”

“Yes,” they added, “2022 promises to be truly incredible at Pasino!”

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According to a release from the Partouche casino group, which operates around 175 slot machines in 38 casinos acrosss France, 31 people have won more than a million euros in the last 10 years.

It’s a good time to play the slots in France. A day before the incredible multi-million pound win a woman won £167,000 on a 67p stake in a slot machine at the Barriere casino in Saint-Malo.

On Christmas Eve 2020, a man scooped a whopping $15.5M (£11m) jackpot at a Las Vegas casino – after putting just $40 (£30) into a slot machine.

He told Boyd Gaming that he intends to use his winnings to support his business and "pay it forward."

Do remember, though that slot machines operators stay in business by making a profit – and that means that most players don’t win.

Gambling is not a way to make money, warns, so don’t think of it as a chance to win money for a trip, to pay bills or to pay off debt

They add that you should always limit your alcohol or cannabis intake while gambling, and most importantly, you should only gamble with money you have – never borrow money or use money intended for necessities, like rent or food.

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