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Five Points is changing; photo shows things I love remain

Re: “The women of Welton Street — Photograph inspires a Denver neighborhood,” April 10 news story

Sitting here in Los Angeles I am inspired by this photograph. I grew up in the Five Points neighborhood and am usually in Denver regularly except for during the pandemic. I love all these beautiful Black women.

I am sad to learn that Zona Moore passed away. Her “Pig Ear Stand” was one of our staples growing up.

As in many Black neighborhoods around the country change is afoot. Even with this change this photo tells me things remain the same.

Philip S. Hart, Los Angeles

In defense of the middle

Re: “In politics, you have to pick a side,” April 9 letter to the editor and “Both parties suppress voters,” April 7 commentary

I respectfully disagree with the letter writer and believe Jack Turner’s commentary about a moderate “middle” ground was correct.

In truth, the current environment has emboldened the extreme right and the extreme left to capture control of the Republican and Democrat parties so that to remain sane, one must steer toward a potentially unifying and healing middle. Submitting to harsh rhetoric and picking sides is exactly what the “hard right” and “ultra-progressive” advocates want us to do.

As for me, I will proudly remain an unaffiliated voter and base my support on reasonable policies and not hate-inspiring demonization of the “other side.”

We do not need to set up a 3+ party election system for moderate people (a likely majority) to band together and advocate for logical,
positive public policy without rancor or extremism.

Gerald Haase, Denver

Trump’s good policy

Re: “Biden should finish the wall,” April 8 commentary

Finally a New York Times columnist has come to realize one of President Donald Trump’s policies was correct. I had given up hope it would ever happen. Bret L. Stephens points out he hasn’t abandoned his disgust with the former president but makes a good argument for completing the wall.

I think that explains why many of us voted for Trump. We held our nose and voted for policy we agreed with, not for someone to meet our moral standards. I have a real fear that what President Joe Biden and many progressive Democrats are doing will destroy the America we have known.

If more journalists will have the courage of Stephens maybe they can show what Biden is doing is not good for America.

Daniel Abraham, Centennial

Pass on human composting

Re: “Human composting — Colorado could get option under bill,” April 11 news story

What? “Soylent Green” anyone?


Colorado, do not consider this.

D. Walworth, Brighton

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