Lethbridge’s David Paulsen reflects on rodeo and PBR announcing career

All eyes might have been on the cowboys and bulls at the latest Professional Bull Riding event hosted in Lethbridge, Alta., but all ears were on David Paulsen.

He told Global News how he first got into announcing at rodeos and professional bull-riding events.

“Well I competed, but I wasn’t very good. And then I fought bulls, but I wasn’t very good. Then I kind of found my way into the announcer stand. It was kind of by accident. I loved it there and I’ve been there ever since,” Paulsen said.

Paulsen has been on that stand for about five decades. He’s had the opportunity to announce at some of the biggest rodeos in North America.

“Anytime you have the chance to go to a place like Halifax to announce a PBR event, as I’ve done in Hamilton, and places in virtually as far east you can go in this country and as far west as you can go,” he said.

“I love that, I love the people in the various parts of the country. It’s a whole lot of fun,” Paulsen said.

Announcing at rodeos across the continent is not the only big accomplishment Paulsen has under his belt.

He’s also published numerous books, across different genres.

“I have 27 books in all, including a number of kids books, a couple of award winners, so I’ve been fortunate that way,” Paulsen said.

“I also have a murder-mystery series, called the Cullen and Cobb Mysteries. Those books are set in Calgary, so that’s been a lot of fun as well,” Paulsen added.

“Those are the two careers that keep me pretty darn busy,” he said.

Paulsen says he won’t be quitting his announcing or writing gigs any time in the foreseeable future.

He adds that his passion for PBR and announcing are what have truly helped him keep his career going for so long.

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