Kremlin mouthpiece turns on Putin and calls Ukraine invasion a ‘war on the West’

Cracks have begun to show among Russian State TV hosts as one Kremlin lawmaker dismissed Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” label for the invasion of Ukraine, and warned the country’s military is not equipped for war.

Since ordering his troops to invade Ukraine, the Russian President has refused to call the ongoing conflict in the neighbouring country a war, instead preferring to label it a “special military operation”.

Russian State TV hosts have supported this campaign, launching various threats of nuclear annihilation at the West, and with the head of RT warning that a Russian loss would “end badly for humanity”.

But, as reports suggest that morale among Russian troops is dwindling, a clip of one heated debate on Russian TV appears to show rifts developing between Putin and his formerly loyal servants.

“We’ll start experiencing problems ourselves, suddenly new weapons and personnel will arrive. What are we going to destroy them with? Our economy is still not mobilised for war, nothing is being done,” Kremlin lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov warned, in a clip shared by journalist Julia Davis on Twitter.

“We’re conducting a special military operation. Since this is not war, the envelopes aren’t open. Who’s supposed to do what? Nobody knows.

“We’re conducting a special military operation, but I believe this is a war, as everyone can see. As everyone knows, this is not a war against Ukraine, this is a war against the West.”

Becoming increasingly animated, Alexei targeted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who stressed that the West cannot be forced to accept Russia ’s terms for ending the war in Ukraine.

“If you can’t accept our terms, then we’ll force you. We’ll have no other choice,” he threatened.

“When it [a nuclear missile] lands over there, you b******s, I doubt that the US will attack the Russian Federation. They won’t move a muscle, they’ll tell Europe to deal with it themselves.”

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Despite his rising blood pressure, the Kremlin lawmaker then bizarrely accused NATO of “escalating” the war by delivering weapons to assist the Ukrainian forces.

And, he reiterated the Russian State TV stance that Putin would not lose the conflict, fuming: “Are they thinking that Russia will lose? It’s madness… Us, a nuclear nation, a leading nuclear nation and we could lose?

“In the end you’ll be reduced to ashes, and Americans will say, ‘oh well, stuff happens, no big deal, just don’t fire at us’.”

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