Kelowna man finds digital camera in Mill Creek for second time

For the second time in just over a year, Calvin Van Buskirk has found a digital camera in Kelowna’s Mill Creek.

“I was just up checking the flooding conditions out on it and lo and behold there was a camera sitting in the creek there,” Van Buskirk told Global News.

“So I pulled her out hopefully there will be something interesting on it.”

Van Buskirk decided to shared the camera with Global News in an effort help him return it to its rightful owner.

“If you can get the information off it and the still pictures back to the owners that would be awesome,” Van Buskirk said.

After cleaning out some sand from the camera, Global News managed to open it up and download the memory card from inside.

Some of the last images recorded on the camera were videos of three young boys jumping into a plunge pool below the waterfalls at Mill Creek Regional Park.

The Fujifilm XP camera was found not far downstream from these waterfalls.

The special underwater camera contained over 100 photos and 39 videos of what appears to be one family’s Okanagan vacation.

Images of kids fishing, swimming, camping, and kayaking were among them, but gave no definitive answer about who the camera belongs to.

That is unless someone can recognize the people in the photos and videos.

But what makes this camera discovery even more unique is the fact that this isn’t the first camera that Calvin Van Buskirk has found right in Mill Creek.

In 2019, Van Buskirk discovered a GoPro in Mill Creek just downstream from where he found the latest Fuji camera.

“I came across a GoPro camera sitting in the sediment,” Van Buskirk told Global News at the time.

That GoPro contained footage of the owner jumping into the same waterfall plunge pool on Mill Creek.

Within hours of that story being aired Global News,  that GoPro camera was back into the hands of its owner, Stayton Danylowich.

“I was like, no way, this is the craziest thing,” Danylowich said upon hearing someone had found his lost GoPro.

Of course, Global News would like to see that same thing happen with the latest camera Van Buskirk has discovered.

Interestingly enough, while filming for the story a, Global News cameraperson managed to even find what we think is the camera’s strap.

If you have any idea who the camera belongs to, contact us at Global News. We will get the camera and memory card back to you.

We will even throw in the strap so you can hang on to it, for good.

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