Kate Middleton ‘caught off guard’ by comment Rami Malek made to her at BAFTAs

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Actor Rami Malek has revealed his questions when meeting Kate Middleton seemed to catch her off guard.

The No Time To Die star revealed to Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he once asked a question when meeting the Duchess of Cambridge that took her aback.

Rami was talking about meeting the royals and the premier of the new James Bond film, explaining you know it's a “special event” when the royals are attending.

He went on to reveal how he had met Prince William and Kate previously at the BAFTAs, where he received Best Actor for his role for Bohemian Rhapsody. .

It had been less than a year since Kate had given birth to Prince Louis and the Mr. Robot actor wanted to see how she was doing.

Speaking about the interaction on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Rami said: “I just looked at Princess Kate at one point and I said, ‘This must be exhausting.’ And she said, ‘Why?’ (he replied) ‘You just had a baby, right?’. I think she was taken aback.”

Kate initially tried to avoid the question by asking Rami ‘how are you doing’ but he persisted.

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He added “‘No, how are you?’ And in the most regal, elegant way, she gave me a look. But you can tell. Imagine, you’re dressed to the nines, have to talk to all these actors.”

Kimmel later added that the royals have to be careful as to what they say

Rami replied: “They’re so careful. But it was so cool. I think I caught her off guard for a second. And, you know, had that look of—in the most elegant, professional, royal way—’Yes, it’s a lot, having a kid.’”

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He later told the show that he has even offered to babysit the royal children but his offer has yet to be accepted.

Rami added: “The funniest thing about that was, I said, ‘If you ever need a day off, some time off, I’m back up for you.

“She’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ I go, ‘I can babysit, you guys go out, have a good time’.”

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