Jilted and ‘sex-obsessed’ ex murdered love rival and made it look like suicide

A man has been jailed for life after he killed his love rival and dumped his body in a burning car in an attempt to make it look like he had committed suicide.

"Sex-obsessed" Mark Chillman, 52, brutally attacked dad-of-two Neil Parkinson, 66, hitting him over the head with a weapon and setting his car alight with him inside, when he discovered he was dating his ex-girlfriend Julie Adcock.

The torched car was discovered on 12 December last year at a lay-by near Cotheridge, Worcester.

Jurors were told that jealous Chillman, who was obsessed with mum-of-three Julie, plotted to murder Mr Parkinson because he wanted to "engineer a reconciliation with the woman he could not bear to see rejecting him".

After being dumped by Ms Adcock last June, Chillman placed a tracking device on her car and stole knickers from her £800,000 farm which he "cuddled every night".

He also scrawled messages in lipstick on her bathroom mirrors which read: "I love you forever."

Adcock's family branded Chillman the "Layby Lurker" because he would park on the roadside near her home in Bromyard, Herefordshire, in the dark.

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He struck as Mr Parkinson drove away from Ms Adcock’s farm to care for his elderly mother, who suffered from dementia, Worcester Crown Court heard.

Chillman denied the charges, but was today jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 22 years before he can be considered for parole.

Judge James Burbidghe QC said: "You lay in wait, it was your intention to do harm to someone who had replaced you in the affections of your previous partner.

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"You arranged him in the driver’s seat and poured petrol over him and the vehicle. Mercifully Parkinson would not have known of the immense heat that engulfed him.

"The evidence shows that you had planned this for some days, or even weeks, increasingly appearing near to the farm, staking it out and scoping the area and the situation.

"After Ms Adcock told you to leave the farm, you immediately harboured a desire to cause Parkinson harm.

"On the day of the killing, you left your own phone on Bromyard Down, so the cell sighting was something you could rely on as an alibi."

During a police interview, Chillman claimed the victim had set himself on fire and that it was "his choice" to end his own life – but that it meant he was now "out of the way".

After committing the murder, he drove Mr Parkinson's body to a lay-by and used around 40 litres of petrol to set him on fire.

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He later sent a "suicide text" to Ms Adcock, pretending to be from Mr Parkinson.

It read: "I lead a double life. I use and abuse woman. It goes like this. I've been taking women of there partners and husband's for a very long time and I get a buss from it [sic]."

But Ms Adcock said she knew the message had not been written by her partner because of the "appalling" spelling and grammar.

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