Inside ‘human sacrifice’ cult as leader who slit two members’ throats is killed

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A 'human sacrifice' cult leader faced with murder charges has died in a horror police car crash.

Jamaican cult leader Kevin O Smith was accused of murdering at least two "brainwashed" followers in a bloody ritual last week.

Survivors claim several congregants were stabbed and slashed to begin their "heavenly journey" after being ordered by Smith to leave their phones at home.

"When I saw blood and the young lady fell, I said 'This is it for me,'" someone who escaped the terror of the church told theJamaican Observer.

Smith who demanded followers knelt before him, was arrested along with 40 of his members following the double murder on October 17.

But before he could stand trial, the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries leader was killed on the way to be formally charged with murder.

A police officer also died in the crash with two more officers still in hospital after being cut out of the vehicle by firefighters on Monday.

The authorities raided the Albion church in Montego Bay a week earlier during the gruesome cult tradition to find two of 100 members dressed in white robes, slaughtered before police killed a suspect themselves.

An investigation into "a case of double murder and three counts of wounding" had been launched which involved raids of the self-styled prophet's two luxury homes.

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Smith reportedly warned his congregants over Facebook of an incoming "flood" that required them to leave their mobiles at home.

Luckily someone defied the instructions and called the police after the evil killing of a second member.

A witness told The Daily Beast: "It is traumatising. It traumatised me so much I’ve not been sleeping or eating well. I’ve not left home to do no business because of what is taking place."

Milton Ricketts who knew Smith well added that his church's disturbing behaviour had been "going on for years".

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He said: "The people have been brainwashed, including the children, and they have been taught things which are unscriptural and they have suffered damage in their soul."

According to Ricketts, demanded followers would "take a knee" and call him "Crown Bishop… at all times" when addressing him.

The deadly "human sacrifice" is thought to have been inspired by anti-vaccine hysteria in an attempt to stop "bloodline pollution caused by witchcraft" which Smith said caused wicked sex dreams.

Referring to the so-called imminent flood, Smith messaged followers over Facebook on Sunday declaring: "The Ark is loading now! Leave immediately dressed in white."

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A source close to the investigation told The Sun: "A 39-year-old office worker called Tanecka Gardner was the first to be sacrificed by having her throat cut.

"Then a man was ordered to strip naked and died in the same way to get the 'impure' blood out of his body."

The source continued to reveal concern over the amount of influential and powerful people who were involved in the ceremony and even previous rituals.

They added that the congregation had fasted for two days prior to what is suspected to have amounted to a massacre had police not been called.

"Three more people are in hospital, one in a life-threatening condition, and more were stabbed," the source said.

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