If Diana was alive, William and Harry wouldn’t be at war, royal expert claims

Prince Harry would have never launched his 'current anti-royal crusade' if Princess Diana was still alive, a royal commentator says.

Tom Bowers, the author of Rebel Prince, The Power, Passion, And Defiance Of Prince Charles, believes Harry's mother's death put him on the path of meeting Meghan Markle, moving abroad, and waging "war" on his family.

Had Diana's tragic death not happened, Mr Bowers thinks would have eventually married a wealthy New Yorker and provided princes a more stable upbringing.

As a result, the Duke of Sussex would have 'forged more thoughtful relationships with girls from his own background', the royal commentator says.

Looking at an alternative world in which Diana was not killed on August 31, 1997, Mr Bowers suggests her youngest son would have settled down with a "woman like Kate".

According to The Sun, he said: "The most important beneficiaries of Diana’s new life would have been William and Harry.

"Protected from the turbulence of their father’s unstable life, they would have grown up in a loving relationship with their mother.

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"The mental torment vividly described later by William and Harry would not have occurred. The car crash in Paris in 1997 killed not only a much-loved mother but also destroyed those realisable dreams.

"If alive, Diana would have embraced Kate as the ideal wife for William and eagerly provided a home and haven for her grandchildren."

Mr Bowers adds that watching William create his own "blissful family life" with Kate Middleton, would have provided his mother with no better feeling and would have been emulated by his younger brother.

He continued: "Nothing else would have given Diana more pleasure than seeing her elder son enjoying the blissful family life she had been cruelly denied.

"Harry’s life would also have been fundamentally different. Stable and secure because of Diana’s presence, Harry would have forged more thoughtful relationships with girls from his own background.

"Eventually, he would have found a woman like Kate, eager to take her proper place in the Royal Family."

With Diana still around, the royal commentator suggests Harry would not have fallen in love with former Suits actress Meghan and 'would have a better relationship' with his father.

"Harry would never have been entranced by Meghan Markle’s ­Californian embrace on a blind date in a London club. The current anti-royal crusade directed from Los Angeles would never have erupted," Mr Bowers said.

"As a result, with their mother’s ever-loving presence, William and Harry would not have fallen out, and both would have maintained a better relationship with Charles."

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