Idiot shot friend in neck by accident while showing off his new gun

A gun-wielding fool accidentally shot his pal in the neck as he showed off his new weapon, police allege.

Alec Augustino Braz, 22, left his 19-year-old friend in urgent need of medical attention in hospital on Saturday at around 3.15pm after firing a pistol at him by mistake.

Police handcuffed Braz on multiple firearm offences, not long after he got his license to carry a gun, Newsweek reports.

Woburn Police Department near Boston in Massachusetts revealed in a statement that Braz is suspected of discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building, improper storage of a firearm, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Police explained that Braz was showing the gun to his friend in his Woburn home on Saturday afternoon when he accidentally pulled the trigger on his guest who has not been named.

Another friend then drove the victim to a local hospital with injuries which the police department report to be non-life-threatening.

According to Newsweek, a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol was seized from Braz by officers from the Woburn Police Department following the shooting on Saturday.

The suspect had his newly gained gun license suspended by police chief Robert F Rufo Jr, ahead of his first appearance at Woburn District Court on Monday.

Braz's shot adds to the horrendous tally of injury caused by accidental firing of a weapon in America.

Fortunately, the unnamed victim is understood to survive the gunshot wound but according to The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, the misfiring of guns in the US leads to a tragic total of 500 death each year.

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As in the case of Braz's alleged offence, 77% of accidental shootings take place in the home, Aftermath found.

Worryingly 220 accidental shootings in 2020 before October, came from children discharging weapons which caused 92 of the 500 deaths, says Aftermath.

Newsweek reports that earlier this month on June 2, a boy aged just nine, was killed by a shot to the head from his 2-year-old sister in Mississippi.

The toddler found the gun under a seat after their mother left them in a car, Canton Police Chief Otha Brown told WJTV.

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