Husband surprised to find dog in bed instead of wife – but it wasn’t his pooch

A husband got a shock when he rolled over in bed to find that the being next to him was not his wife.

And Jimmy Johnson was further shocked to discover that the thing laying next to him in his Tennessee bed was a dog.

But to make this even weirder, the dog in the bed – which did have wife Julie on the other side – was not actually their dog.

Mrs Johnson said: “You could see light coming into our curtains in our bedroom and I feel my husband not just roll over, but kind of startled, like almost a jump roll over and it woke me up.”

And in a quiet but stern voice, he said: 'Julie, whose dog is this?'”

“My husband just went to kind of pull the blankets up a little bit, almost like they were going to protect him, and at that point, the dog got even further up on our pillows and snuggled in and was just 100% content being there.”

The couple do have three of their own pooches – Hollis, Jupiter and Zeppelin – but this new beast was not theirs.

However, the dog quickly established itself as a non-threat, demanding cuddles from the pair.

The couple posted a few selfies with the dog on Facebook to find out if anyone knew who owned the dog, and an owner was soon forthcoming.

The dog was called Nala, and it became apparent that the pooch had slipped out of her collar during a walk in the woods nearby the day before.

Large thunderstorms in the area had taken place that night, so the dog had sort shelter.

One of the owners, Cris Hawkins wrote on Facebook: “Our overly friendly pup, Nala, has hit an all time record for ignoring personal space and added yet another trick to her long list of Houdini acts.

“Shame [on] Nala for somehow breaking into a strangers house and invading their personal space. Thankfully, the couple thought it was hilarious and they aren't even mad about it.”

A lifelong bond has been formed, however, as Nala and the Johnson's trio now have regular play dates.

How the dog broke in is still a mystery.

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