‘Hugh Hefner of sex dolls’ gives desperate incels advice on finding girlfriends

A YouTuber who dubbed himself the "Hugh Hefner of Sex Dolls" has offered his advice to incel men on how to get companionship from women – despite swearing off human relationships himself.

Jay Hefner took to the channel he uses to document his bizarre relationship with his harem of plastic partners to "un-cell the incels" by telling them the mistakes they are making with dating.

The "doll king" claims he is not an involuntary celibate himself as he chooses to be with dolls instead of women but says confidence is key when trying to get a woman's attention.

He said: "If you are calling yourself an incel, that's your first mistake if you want to be with a human woman romantically because you have already called defeat in that area of your life.

"You are already saying you can't do it. Now, you may have had times where you have not been successful in getting a number or trying to talk or build a relationship with her but when it comes to speaking it over your life, that's a really big mistake and it's one we've all made."

He goes on to tell men to be more confident in themselves when approaching a woman and not let rejection from a woman make them feel like they can't get the next one.

The bloke from Memphis, Tennessee has reached over 1,000 subscribers on his channel and several left comments on his video praising him for his advice.

One user said: "This is great and a very interesting topic, this area of discussion touches lots of people out there."

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Another added: "King Hefner's knowledge turns incels into Duracell's. Power up and keep going!"

"Thanks for the reminder that there is power in your words. I’m gonna have to start speaking more confidence to myself," a third added.

A fourth wrote: "I was a huge beta incels…it was very depressing and horrible but I later found a few girlfriends, some dates here and there, etc. After too much drama, I decided to put an end to dating/women in order to avoid the harsh stress."

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Jay previously told the Daily Star that he prefers the dolls to humans as he can have multiple relationships with them and it avoids the complications of human companionship.

He claimed: "Being with dolls is much better than being with humans for me because they are not complicated and are completely stress-free!

"They can be in whatever fantasy I can imagine! I should have had one long ago!"

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Earlier this year, a former chief prosecutor warned that extreme misogyny and the so-called “incel” community is a threat to women following reports of forums used by Jake Davison, who killed five people in Plymouth before turning the weapon on himself.

Nazir Afzal told BBC Breakfast that there were 10,000 people with incel views like Davison in the county.

He said: "We have now seen posts on various social media sites which paint a picture of somebody that has a very low opinion or had a very low opinion of women, who seemed to have a belief he was entitled to do whatever he wanted to, a real expectation that women were some kind of lesser being.

“That kind of extreme misogyny of the type we have seen here and in terms of the incel community is a threat to all women and, ultimately, to all our communities.”

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