Hotel worker, 31, dies after drinking marble polish left next to water bottle

A hotel worker has died after accidentally drinking marble polish that was left next to a bottle of water.

The tragic incident took place at Hitit Hotel in Selcuk in the western Turkish province of Izmir on the evening of Monday.

Ozde Civici, 31, who worked in the hotel’s public relations department, was helping to promote the hotel’s New Year's Eve bash.

She was handing out brochures to guests and visitors for the upcoming event before later returning to the office in need of a drink.

Civici reportedly saw a plastic bottle on her desk and presumed it was her water bottle before quickly taking a gulp from it.

The incident caused her to vomit straight away with her colleagues quickly calling for medical assistance.

She was taken to the Selcuk State Hospital by paramedics after they arrived at the hotel, but when her condition worsened, she was transferred to another hospital in Izmir.

However, despite their best efforts, the medics were unable to save the woman’s life, and her body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for a post-mortem.

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Local media report the highly toxic polish severely damaged her internal organs soon after she drank it.

It was known at the time what the substance in the bottle was until tests were done after she had passed away.

The police opened an investigation into the woman’s death and checked her office, concluding that a bottle of marble polish had been left alongside a bottle of water.

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Police also took statements from hotel workers as well as an unnamed marble setter, and they are now under investigation for possible negligence, according to local reports.

Civici was later buried at Tahsinağa Mosque as family, friends and colleagues came together to say goodbye through a funeral prayer.

Police say the investigation into the worker’s death is ongoing but no arrests have been made.

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