Horror as woman, 41, left on life support after beloved dog headbutted her while playing

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Owner Erin Stevenson, 41, from the US, was playing with her canine friend in her garden in January when the Staffordshire bull terrier, called Skyy, accidentally hit her on the chin. Ms Stevenson originally thought nothing of the incident, but three days later, she woke up unable to swallow and took herself to hospital.

Ms Stevenson told doctors and nurses that she and her five-year-old dog had been playing outside when Skyy got a case of the well-known “zoomies”.

“Zoomies”, also known as FRAP (Frenetic Random Activity Period) attacks, are precisely that, random bursts of high activity and energy, something which dog owners are well experienced in.

But while Skyy was doing the “zoomies” across the back garden, the canine headbutted her chin which resulted in an initial bump that “didn’t raise any alarms”.

Ms Stevenson said her initial symptoms were “a jigsaw” to diagnose, but doctors eventually diagnosed her with cracked molars that led to a serious abscess in her jaw.

She said: “It caused so much swelling in my face and neck that doctors were concerned that my airway was going to collapse.

“The doctors made the decision to put me on life support and intubate me so that I could breathe.”

The 41-year-old was forced to spend weeks on life support, as doctors removed two of her molars and a tube was inserted into her neck to drain the abscess fluid from the infection.

Ms Stevenson feared for her life after discovering the seriousness of her injuries, telling her husband, Scott, “tell my family I love them”.

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Fortunately, Ms Stevenson has made a recovery from her injuries and is back home with her beloved pet Skyy and her husband.

However the incident has left her with one major side effect, as she is now unable to open her mouth past a certain point.

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