Homes still sought for 150 Kamanawa wild horses to avoid mass cull

As the yearly muster of Kaimanawa wild horses draws near, a home is yet to be found for about 150 of them.

This year, a total of 206 horses need to be removed from the Kaimanawa Ranges in the central North Island.

Those that cannot be rehomed will be culled.

Last year’s muster had to be cancelled because of Covid, so the herd has increased well beyond the level recommended by an advisory group.

Kaimanawa Wild Horse Preservation Society chair Sharyn Boness is calling for anyone interested toapply.

She said information packs will be provided to help them prepare.

“Once they contact us we’re sending out the information pack which is all about the horses coming in, what you need to go through, the facilities that you need, previous handling, all about the transportation, about the heavy worm burden.”

The muster is scheduled for late next month.

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