Hidden toaster compartment that eases cleaning crumbs is blowing minds

A TikTok clean queen has revealed a life-hack for cleaning toasters – and it's blowing people's minds.

The Australian professional cleaner behind the Big Clean Co. has claimed that most toasters come with a secret compartment to catch crumbs for effortless cleaning.

In the video to her 37k followers, the woman wiped down the top of the unplugged toaster with a cloth before pulling out a tray that was disguised at the bottom.

She said: "I'm a professional cleaner and this week I was sent [a hack which involved] cleaning your toaster with a HAIRDRYER. Just tip it in the bin!"

After tipping the contents in the bin, the woman shook away any lingering crumbs, landing her with over 2 million views.

It appears the life hack blew the minds of other TikTokers as not many knew about the compartment.

One viewer said: ""Wait? Toasters have trays…?!"

Another added: "There's a TRAY?!?!?"

"Oh my god. Mine has TWO. Who knew?" a third added.

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The news comes just months after TikTok cleaners had been slammed for their toxic concoctions of bathroom cleaners in a bizarre toilet cleaning trend.

Experts branded the trend as "product overloading", which could have some extremely "harmful" risks associated.

Deyan Dimitrov, laundry expert and the CEO of Laundryheap, said: "Exactly as it sounds, product overloading refers to the use of excessive quantities of the product when cleaning certain surfaces.

  • Woman left with huge lips after centipede bites her mouth as she sleeps

"This cleaning method has become particularly popular when it comes to scrubbing toilet bowls on #toiletclean TikTok, with mesmerising videos featuring numerous colourful products accumulating interest from thousands of users."

He added: "I wouldn’t advise homeowners to attempt this method of cleaning can be harmful to your home and your health."

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