Hero shop owner pins thief to wall to stop him fleeing – before his pals turn up

A shopkeeper bravely fought off a thief and pinned him to a wall in a desperate bid to stop him from getting away with £70 worth of groceries.

Owner Dharmendra Patel called it an "absolute brazen attack" as he said this was the third incident in just over a fortnight.

CCTV inside his shop on Shawclough Road in Rochdale shows the suspicious shopper taking packs of meat and cheese from a fridge and placing them onto a basket.

He then bolts towards the exit without paying.

Luckily Mr Patel is quick to act and runs across the till to block the door, pinning the brazen thief to the wall and holding him up.

But two of his pals come up to the front door and force it open, letting the thief escape.

Mr Patel said the incident happened at around 6pm on Sunday (September 12) and he lost about £70 worth of goods.

He told Manchester Evening News: "It was absolutely brazen. I tried to stop him, but it was three against one.

"It's costing me a lot of money. I'm going to spend nearly a grand putting new security measures in.

"We work hard to make a living and help the community, but how do we do that if this keeps happening? It's crazy.

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"They're just scum. I worry that someone, either a customer or a shop worker, is going to get hurt if this carries on."

The owner also believed that his shop has been targeted and said the group was "known to the police".

"I know their names," he continued.

"They're not locals, they come from Lancashire and target shops here, in the town centre and in Whitworth.

"I know the police are under-resourced, but something needs to be done about them."

Greater Manchester Police confirmed the incidents were being investigated, and Daily Star has contacted the force for comment.

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