Heatwave forecast: European ‘hot spells’ to bake UK for WEEKS – long-range update

Met Office: Hot weather and 'humid air' forecast for UK

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According to Netweather, high pressure is expected to be more frequent than average towards the end of the month and beginning of September resulting in potential “hot spells”. The long-range forecast for the period between August 23 and September 5 shows the southeast is the most likely to receive warmer temperatures with the northwest and Scotland being more prone to changeable south-westerlies bringing wet and windy weather at times.

The forecast also shows that between August 30 and September 5 many parts of the country can expect temperatures above average by 2C to 3C from southernly European air.

Netweather’s monthly update said: “High pressure is again expected to be more frequent than average, but highest pressure will probably transfer south and east, resulting in warmer temperatures and an increased frequency of southerly winds across the UK, with potential for hot spells, especially towards the southeast, and potential for thundery breakdowns.

“The north and west of Scotland will become more prone to changeable south-westerlies bringing wet and windy weather at times, due to high pressure often being further south and east than during the previous week.

“Again, it probably won’t be constant high pressure, with some interruptions likely, but overall pressure is expected to be above normal.”

It added: “It will be generally drier and sunnier than average, but with less certainty over below-average rainfall than in Week 2 due to greater potential for some areas to see thundery downpours.”

Forecasters also warned against the chances of another heatwave baking the nation this summer.

However, there may be some hope for September when temperatures could soar “above average” just in time for Bank Holiday weekend.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said the “bland” bleak weather is set to continue.

Mr Keates told The Sun: “This summer is not going to be remembered for warmth. It’s been very bland.

“We’ve had flooding, some parts of the country have seen double their average rainfall and temperatures have been unremarkable.

“It’s been wishy-washy to say the least – and that’s how it’s going to end.”

He continued: “A heatwave is not on the cards – but let’s not give up hope altogether.

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“Some Septembers have come up trumps over recent years.”

Forecasters predict today will be a generally cloudy day across the UK.

The country can expect patchy light rain, mainly across western coasts and hills and across parts of northern Scotland.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, most parts of the UK can expect a cloudy start to the day with some areas of light rain, before a scattering of showers develops, according to forecasters.

Looking towards the end of the week, the Met Office predicts sunny spells for many on Friday – but rain may hit those in the west.

Temperatures will turn warmer into the weekend, but conditions will be “unsettled” with spells of rain for most.

It comes as European holiday destinations recover after suffering in an extreme heatwave as air from the Sahara created a “heat dome” over the Mediterranean.

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