Harry ‘good for royals’ as he’s keeping ‘mediocre’ William in news – historian

Prince Harry is keeping the Royal Family in the news and “at the top of the fame game”, which could be to their benefit, a royal historian has suggested.

Prince William announced this week that he will write a foreword for his book to accompany the Earthshot Prize, but it has been largely overshadowed by Harry’s revelation that he is writing a tell-all memoir.

According to royal author and historian Tessa Dunlop, though, the intense media coverage surrounding Harry and wife Meghan Markle could in fact play into the Firm's hands.

She told Palace Confidential podcast: “I have a lot of sympathy for Charles and William but I just think they are not headline grabbers.

“They are kind of wonderful, mediocre guys who are in this extraordinary institution and they trundle along and as we all know who they are, they do get a disproportionate amount of news.

“But I think that story of Earthshot may have made page seven instead of yesterday it made page 17 so Harry has had a dent on that narrative but you could argue that Harry is keeping the Royal Family in the news.

“You could flip it around and say we’ve talked now about William’s Earthshot problem thanks to Harry meaning everyone’s tuning into the Royal Family.

“Arguably to bounce out of royal magazines and Her Majesty and Hare & Hounds or whoever it is who are the real royal sticklers I think you do need blockbuster names and blockbuster books.”

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Richard Eden, the Daily Mail's diary editor, disagreed by saying: “That’s ridiculous they really don’t need Harry to keep the Royal Family in the news.”

He continued: “What we have seen this week as ever, the royals doing what they do and business as usual.

"Charles and Camilla lifting people’s spirits by carrying out public engagements and William … doing wonderful projects where he has got big money together to try and get some ideas to help save our world, it couldn’t be bigger than that."

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But Tessa reinforced the concept that all news is good news.

She said: “(The international stage) is what matters. What is the point of the Royal Family, it’s about burnishing the British brand and the argument is, is all PR good PR?

"Because Harry doesn’t come with relentlessly good news for the Royal Family but he does keep them at the top of the fame game.”

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