Harry and Wills ‘talking everyday’ with rift ‘exaggerated’, expert claims

The alleged rift between Prince Harry and Prince William has been “blown out of proportion” and the pair are actually “talking everyday”, a royal author has claimed.

Since Harry departed royal duties with his wife Meghan Markle last year, rumours have circulated about the prince’s reported falling-out with his brother William.

These intensified when the Duke of Sussex admitted in an interview with US chat show host Oprah Winfrey that he and William were on “different paths” and, with Harry now settled in the US, the pair have had little opportunity for in-person contact since.

But, speaking on the Royally Us podcast, royal author Stewart Pierce has disputed any rumours of a split between the brothers.

“I’m afraid that the entire rift scenario is something that was blown out of all proportion by the British press,” he claimed.

“The two gentlemen that we are talking about – because they are gentlemen – they are not bound by a rift.

“They had a disagreement, like all siblings do, a minor disagreement.”

Stewart went on to suggest that, with their subsequent career changes and starting families with their lives, the pair have simply forged different paths.

He continued: “They’ve just moved in slightly different directions from how they used to be when they were the cavalier happy-go-lucky, very smiley, immensely jokey, competitive Wills and Harry.”

And, with Harry and Meghan seemingly unlikely to return to celebrate Christmas with the royals, Stewart suggested that the Duke of Sussex is in regular contact with his brother anyway.

“We live on our cellular devices, and so do they… The two boys talk every day virtually," he said.

The podcast’s co-host Christina Garibaldi responded: “Is it just brief check-ins to see how everybody’s doing?”

“Yeah, as we do,” Stewart replied. “The interesting thing is that they have this way of being able to be very diverse, but they have a public life, and they have their private life.

“So of course the public life takes up a great deal of energy.

“But in those informal moments – we have to remind ourselves that Harry is 8 hours behind his brother in the United Kingdom – whenever they have an opportunity, which is towards the later part of the day, a text is sent on Whatsapp, ‘are you up for a chat?’

“And then they have a quick chat, even if it’s just to touch base.”

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