‘Had their time!’ Joe Biden and Donald Trump shouldn’t run for reelection over age

Expert says Biden and Trump shouldn’t run for reelection

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Incumbent US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump should steer clear from running in the next American presidential election and leave room for younger generations, CNN Senior political analyst David Gergen said. Both President Biden and Mr Trump ran in their seventies in the 2020 presidential election. But in 2024, if they both decide to run, the two candidates would be closer to 80 years old and age could affect their presidency, Mr Gergen warned.

Speaking to CNN, Mr Gergen said: “If one of those people wins the presidency, he will be governing in his 80 years of age.

“We’ve never seen anything like that before and frankly, I think it’s a real risk.

“You know, I just turned 80 and I can tell you that you lose some stuff.

“Your judgement isn’t as quite clear as it was.”

“Your judgement isn’t as quite clear as it was”, Mr Gergen said.

“There are a variety of other things you can’t do much about.

“And to put somebody in that office with those kinds of vulnerabilities and going for four years, we don’t how things will go.”

In 2024, Joe Biden will turn 82 whereas Donald Trump will turn 77. Several of Joe Biden’s accidents raised concerns about the President’s health. Earlier this month, he slipped and nearly fell walking up the stairs of Air Forces One while on his way to Illinois. Donald Trump’s health was also the subject of scrutiny over his obesity. And the whole country held its breath when he caught COVID-19 in October 2020.

Mr Gergen continued: “I think that the population in general – people who were born after the (second world) war ended – they’ve had their time in the sandbox now in governing. 

“And I think frankly that while there have been some good things, there’s generally been a sense of disappointment about how well they govern, how badly they govern. 

“And very, very importantly, we have an election coming up in 2024 in which it is very possible that we will have Donald Trump facing off against Joe Biden.

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“I just think it’s a mistake for either party to put forward people who are going to be essentially trying to run the country in their eighties”, Mr Gergen added.

“The presidency is not only the most powerful office in the world, it’s also one of the most complex. It requires every day a person in the presidency making hard judgement calls.

“You know someone in their eighties, you can’t assume that person is going to be healthy and mentally all there through their early eighties.”


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