Groom who stopped Hudsons pub shooter rewarded by Saskatoon DJ company

During Corrie Swallow’s 27 years in the entertainment industry, he’s never come across anything as frightening as the shooting at Hudsons Canada’s Pub in Saskatoon.

Swallow, a.k.a. Hypnotist Corrie J, felt compelled to show his appreciation, but “thank you wasn’t enough.”

He’d read this week’s media reports about Josh Neudorf, the Prince Albert man who was days away from his wedding when he encountered a gunman. Neudorf was on his stag night and as he was stepping outside for a smoke, he said he heard a loud bang near the bar’s doorway.

It was the first of two gunshots.

He rushed the shooter, fought to gain control of the gun and pinned him against the door of the nearby women’s washroom. Groomsman Jesse Heit and best man Joey Duong helped pummel and subdue the attacker.

The wedding party got the shooter to ground, grabbed the gun and waited for police to arrive.

“If Josh wouldn’t have stopped in, people would have gotten hurt,” said Swallow.

As an owner of LCD Productions, Swallow turned to his social media following to find the groom and offer to DJ his wedding for free. After exchanging some messages, Swallow lined up a speaker and lighting system for the couple.

Swallow is expecting there to be plenty of celebrations because of the wedding itself and because of the fortunate outcome in a dangerous situation.

“One step forward or two steps backwards and they wouldn’t be there for the wedding. They’d be going to a funeral instead,” Swallow said.

Neudorf marries his fiancée this weekend. Friends would have provided speakers and a homemade playlist — nothing like what Swallow offered.

“It’s right on cue. It’s just what we needed,” Neudorf told Global News.

For the past few days, Neudorf has been struck by people’s appreciation for his actions.

“I’m just really glad nobody got hurt. It’s an amazing blessing,” he said.

On Wednesday, Saskatoon police Insp. Cam McBride commended the group’s “quick and heroic” actions, saying they “may have prevented something seriously worse.”

Tyrell Davey, 25, is charged with stealing a firearm and violating an order not to have a firearm.

Davey made his first court appearance Thursday and is scheduled to have a bail hearing Monday.

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