Grieving husband of mum, 20, killed by burglars shares details of horror raid

Burglars who killed a mum after tying up her husband could have been tipped off them buying land.

British Caroline Crouch, 20, was strangled to death in front of her baby by robbers who demanded more than the 10,000 Euros (£8,630) stashed in a Monopoly set in the basement.

Detectives believe the deadly raid in Glyka Nera, near Athens in Greece last Tuesday, could have been planned following news of the couple purchasing a plot, to build their dream home.

The gang are believed to have been after the 100,000 Euros (£86,000) which Ms Crouch and her husband Charalambos Anagnostopolous, known as Babis were spending on property, Daily Mail reports.

According to Greece’s Protema news website, Babis, 33, told police: "The robber shouted at me 'where is the money?'. I immediately told him 'I will tell you, please do not hurt us.'

"I explained that in the basement among my daughter’s toys there was a monopoly set that contained almost 10,000 Euros.

"Two members of the gang tied me up with string. They bound my wrists and feet and pulled me into a foetal position."

He continued: "They wrapped insulating tape around my neck very tightly. And around my mouth, leaving my nose exposed. They also covered my eyes. But there was a small crack through which I could see.

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"I could hear them shouting and threatening Caroline, saying; 'We will kill your child if you do not tell us where the money is.' I could not see what was happening because I was facing the other way."

The family dog was also killed.

Babis revealed the tape around his neck was so tight that he fell unconscious for up 30 minutes, but through the hole in his blind-fold he saw two six-foot-tall athletic men wearing black hoods, and their short, fat 'leader' in a balaclava.

Babis told the police how the third man, shouted; "where is the money?" during the hour-long search for more cash.

The couple had already spent the money on a plot of land in Drafi, a picturesque suburb of Athens, where Caroline hoped to create a cat sanctuary.

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Detectives are investigating whether the criminals found out that Babis had taken out the sum and thought it was in the family home.

According to local newspaper Vima, police have arrested an unnamed Georgian man in connection to the murder, on Greece's Bulgarian border.

It was also revealed that Babis has helped police to identify a silver Colt and a black pistol carried by the raiders.

Police said the weapons were unusual to find in Greece and believe tracing them could prove vital in identifying Caroline's killers.

A £250,000 reward for information has been offered, and investigators are thought to be working on the theory that the gang was well organised, likely surveilled the couple before the raid, and somehow knew they were keeping a large amount of cash at home.

Caroline was laid to rest on Sunday, on the island of Alonnisos, where she spent most of her childhood.

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